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How to Display Song Lyrics for iTunes and iPod

When a person listen to a song, he or she will usually sing to the lyrics if necessary. However, lyrics is one of the missing feature in all versions of iTunes. Yes, it's right, that you can edit the lyrics by the Get Info item, but how can you display it, is the tricky part. Does that mean you'll have to wait for Apple to upgrade iTunes for a more powerful lyric features? Of course NOT! This article will show you how you can display song lyrics in your iTunes and iPod.

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Display Lyrics for iTunes

To display lyrics on your iTunes, there are some available plug-in to do this. One of them is the iTunes visualizer, a Cover Version which displays the album cover artwork of the currently playing song as well as lyric if there is. The lyrics of the track will be displayed on top of the album cover artwork, while artist name and music title will be placed at the bottom (just as illustrated in the screenshot below).

itunes lyrics display

Cover Version is both available for Windows and Mac. You can download it here. It's easy to install, just put the CoverVersion (CoverVersion.dll) to Library>iTunes>iTunes Plug-ins of your home directory in Mac. Alternatively move them into the plug-ins folder under iTunes installation folder in Windows. To view the lyrics in iTunes, go to View>Visualizer>CoverVersion.

Note: Cover Version do not fetch lyrics nor audio from the Internet. It only displays the lyrics that has already been embedded in the audio track. If you'll like to fetch the lyrics online, you may try out iTunes Lyrics Importer.

View Lyric Manually

iTunes allows you to view the lyrics manually. Just right-click on the specific song in iTunes and select Get Info (the keyboard shortcut is Command + I). Then, go to Lyrics tab to view the lyrics.

manually view itunes lyric

View Lyrics on iPod

You may also be interested in viewing lyrics on your iPod. In fact, it's also very easy as long as your songs have got the lyrics embedded. After copying songs to your iPod, follow the steps below:

1. Start playing any song to which you've added lyrics.

2. Hit the Center button repeatedly until you see the lyric on iPod. 

Here's the order of options when you press the Center button if there are album art or lyrics:

Play status > Scrubber > Album Art > Lyrics/Description > Rating

This is the situation for songs that have no album art and lyric data.

Play status > Scrubber > Rating

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If there is no folder in your iTunes, just create one yourself ("Plug-Ins") and copy the dll inside there. Worked for me. :)
I cannot locate the Plug Ins Folder in my iTunes. I have a MAC, have tried showing all hidden folders and also creating a Plug Ins folder with no Luck. Can anyone help??
on windows you have to go to music, then itunes, then plug ins
no folder like That is in my computer


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