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Transfer iTunes Playlists to New Computer

Sometimes the user created iTunes or iDevice based playlists compel others to get them so that they could also play them on their device. When it comes to iTunes then the process is very simple and easy to follow and it also allows the users to get the best results within no time as iTunes is a software program that has been built using the best terminologies and techniques. The users can also make sure that the iTunes playlist is not only transferred to the other device but that process is adopted which is simple so that the other user can also understand it and make sure that if there is a next time then the implementation is not a problem at all. For all the users it is also very important to note that the iTunes folder has a main character in this regard which has different location on both PC and Mac. The user should therefore make sure that the process is carried out without any error so that the transfer is made simple. In this tutorial number of processes in this regard would be mentioned and the users can apply any one of them to get the results as per their desire and demand. Not just playlists but media or files of any kind that are located onto the iDevice can be transferred so that the user never faces any issue in this regard.

Part 1: If you have time you can try to rebuild these playlists manually

Building playlists manually might be a issue for the user and it is due to the fact that the creation is always done after passing through a lengthy process. The process that is mentioned here is simple and straightforward and for the same reason it is very easy for a user to manually create, update and edit and playlist on the new computer. However if still the user is not able to follow the instructions then it is advised to make sure that an expert opinion is asked for so that the process runs smooth.

i. The user has to launch the iTunes software onto the target PC or Mac to start the process.


ii. The user then needs to make sure that the path File > New > New playlist is adopted to get to the point.


iii. Once it is done the new playlist is to be renamed to something that can be easily memorized as within lots of playlists it would be difficult to locate the newly created one.


iv. The user then needs to edit the playlist so that the content could be uploaded and updated.


v. On the upper right corner the user is required to press the button of Add music to make sure that the content is added directly from the computer library.


vi. The user then needs to make sure that the “Done” button is pressed to complete the process.


vii. It is advised to add music in a similar manner to make sure that the playlist is manually edited and need of transfer from another device or system does not arise. It is one of the simplest processes as well if carried out in a manner that is described above. The user can also jot down the songs names to make sure that the exact match is added.

Part 2: Transfer iTunes Playlists to New Computer with TunesGo easily

There are tens of thousands of programs which make sure that the best is provided to the user in relation to playlist transfer to the new phone or even computer. Among all of these TunesGo is one of those programs which have made the life easy for the users. With just a few clicks the users will not only be able to manage the playlists but will also make sure that they are transferred without any issue and problem. TunesGo has been developed by the Wondershare and it has always been regarded as the best of all times when it comes to user ratings which shows that this program has saved millions of users from the hectic processes that were formerly involved in creating and managing the iTunes playlists. The intelligence of the program can also be judged by the fact that it detects not only the iDevice but also all the content that is present onto it to make sure that the user can transfer the content without any issue and problem. To make sure that the users get the best results in this regard it is advised to follow the steps that will be mentioned later in this part of the tutorial and if still there is any ambiguity then the Wondershare experts and the expert community is here to help the user as and when required. The following steps are to be followed in this regard.

i. The user needs to download and install the software by following the prompts. The UR which is to be visited in this regard is http://www.wondershare.com/tunesgo/ so that the main window appears.


ii. Once it has been done the user then needs to make sure that the iDevice is connected to the computer so that the computer detects the content that is present on it. If the program fails to get to the device then it is advised to either re-plug the device or to re-launch the program after closing it.


iii. The path that is then to be followed is Media > Playlist so that all the playlists that are available on the device are shown.

iv. The user then needs to make sure that the button labeled as “Export to” is clicked and from the drop down menu the appropriate location is selected. Same has been demonstrated in the snapshot that has been pasted below for better understanding.


v. By using this simple process the user can make sure that the playlist is not only copied to the computer but by following these instructions the users can transfer any content to the computer or other iDevice without any issue and problem.