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Want to backup your Android phone before restoring it to factory settings or rooting it? Get used to doing a regular Android backup in case that you may delete or lose data accidentally? Thankfully, there are many Android backup apps and software and cloud servers come for your help when you want to. In this article, I would like to show you how to do a backup for Android effortlessly.

Part 1: Best 6 Android Backup Apps

In this part, I'd like to show you best backup apps for Android. they're Backup Assistant, Titanium Backup, Helium, Super Backup and My Backup Pro. All of these apps helps to backup and restore Android phone conveniently.

Android Backup Assistant

Backup Assistant is a free service produced by Verizon, enables you to backup contacts on your Android phone over the air to another phone. It's available on lots of Android phone except Droid by Motorola Devour™ and Motorola, and Droid Eris by HTC. Just download Backup Assistant on your current phone, and then active your new phone for Android contact backup.

Backup Assistant Plus does more than what Backup Assistant can do. With it, you can back up contacts, photos, music, video and more to keep them secured. It also lets you share music, video and photos with your families and friends. If you prefer Backup Assistant Plus, you can subscribe the service.

Learn more about Versizon Backup Assistant for Android>>

Part 2: Top 5 Android Backup Software

In this part, I mainly introduce you best backup software for Android. They're Wondershare MobileGo for Android, MOBILedit, Mobogenie, Mobisynapse and MoboRobo.

1. Wondershare MobileGo for Android

Best backup software for Android to backup Android without root!

Backup apps and data, contacts, photos, videos, SMS, music and call logs at a time.
Selectively backup contacts, SMS, videos, apps, music, photos and documents to the computer.
Retrieve the backup file and restore to any Android phone.
Support Google, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, HUAWEI, Acer, ZTE, etc.
Safely backup without any quality loss.

Note: The Mac version doesn't allow to back up and restor app data and media for the time being

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Step 1. Connect Your Android to PC

First of all, take out an Android USB cable to connect your Android phone to computer. Launch the backup software for Android on computer. Your Android phone will be instantly detected, and then shows up in the primary window.

The Windows version empowers you to backup Android phone via WiFi. You just need to install Wondershare MobileGo APK file on your Android phone manually. For USB conneciton, the app will be installed automatically.

android backup pc

Step 2. Do Android Full Backup in 1 Click

In the primary window, click One-Click Backup. In the pop-up backup window, preview the data you wnant to backup. This software allows you backup messages, calendars, video, music, photos, call logs, apps. Besides, it even lets you backup Android app data without root.

Just choose your wanted data and click Back Up. Make sure not to disconnect your Android phone in the backup process. One day, when your data get loss, you can go to Toolkit > Restore to restore these data to your Android phone.

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how to backup android to pc

Step 3. Backup Data on Android Selectively

Besides all-in-one backup, this Android backup to PC software also lets you backup data selectively. In the left column, you can see many data categories. including Apps, Music, Videos, Photos, Contacts, SMS and Files. Click any of them and select your wanted files and backup to your computer.

android backup to pc

2. MOBILedit

MOBILedit automatically backing up your Android phone. It saves the backup of your phone while you are browsing it through this software. The backup files can be found later in the offline folder. All you need to do is connect your mobile to PC and start managing your mobile desktop through PC keyboard.


  • Automatically backup while you are browsing your data.
  • Backup is made to cloud-based services Internet storage.
  • Compatible with almost every phone.
  • Cons: Not free.

    backup software android

    backup software for android

    3. Mobogenie

    Mobogenie is one useful Android backup software for PC. It helps you safe all the data from your Android phone to PC and you can restore it when you lose the phone or get a new one. The software is easy to use.

    Pros: Easily backup contacts, apps, messages, music and videos.

    Cons: Fail to backup call logs, calendars, playlist info.

    4. Mobisynapse

    If you own an Android phone, Mobisynapse is a goog choice. This software integrates with Outlook seamlessly. You can backup apps, SMS and contacts from your Android phone into your PC with this software.

    Pros: Enable to backup SMS, apps and contacts.

    Cons: Need to pay. Not allow to backup music, videos, photos, calendars, call logs.

    cloud backup android

    best backup software for android

    5. MoboRobo

    MoboRobo is a desktop software to backup Android phone to PC. It lets you backup the content including call logs, contacts, messages, images, music, files and even apps. It also offers fast and secure data restore facility. Thus, if you accidentally lost your phone, your data is still safe in PC.

    Pros: Backup call logs, contacts, messages, images, files and apps quickly.

    Cons: Not free. Music, videos, memo, note, calendars and more can't be backed up.

    Part 3: Top 5 Methods to Do Android Cloud Backup

    As the subtitle suggests, this part focuses on telling you how to backup Android phone to cloud. Then, even if your Android phone is stolen or broken, you can easily get the data back. To backup Android phone to cloud, first of all, you probably draw support from Google. Besides Google, there're some apps to make cloud backup for Android

    1. Google Backup Android

    Many Android phones give you the power to directly backup contacts, calendars, WiFi password and more to your Google account. Whenever you want, you can get them back with ease.

    Backup Android Calendar and Contacts

    On your Android phone, tap Settings > Accounts and sync. Sign into your Google account. Tick Sync contacts. If you also want to backup Android calendars, you can tick Sync Calendars.

    Backup Android Settings

    Go to Settings and then find Backup and reset. Then, tick Back up my data. By doing this, you're able to backup app data, WiFi password and other settings to Google server.

    google backup android

    2. G Cloud Backup

    As its name suggests, G Cloud Backup lets you backup contacts, call logs, messages, video, family photos, music, documents, settings and browser data to cloud-based servers. Therefore, when you drop or broken your Android phone, you can easily restore your data to another Android phone.

    G Cloud Backup offers you 1 GB free space for storing data at first, but you can earn up to 8 GB by sharing on your Facebook and Twitter, inviting friends and more. Thus, you don't need to worry that the cloud space is easy to run out of. All in one, if you prefer cloud backup for Android, G Cloud Backup is a good choice.

    Learn more about G Cloud Backup

    Download G Cloud Backup from Google Play>>

    android backup cloud

    3. Google Plus

    Likes using Google Plus to keep touch with your friends and families? Do you know you can backup photos on your Android phone with it? If not, follow the easy steps below and then make cloud backup for Android photos.

    Step 1. Run Google Plus on your Android phone. If you haven't install it, please go to Google Play Store to download and install it.

    Step 2. Tap menu icon to get the Settings menu. Tap Camera & Photos > Auto Backup.

    Step 3. In the Auto Backup screen, set your wanted options and then backup photos to Google Plus.

    android cloud backup

    4. Android Backup Service

    Android Backup Service offers you a backup transpod, letting you backup app data on lots of Android device that has Google Play Store. The app data will be store Google service, on condition that you have register the apps with service.

    More details about Google Android Backup Service>>

    5. Dropbox

    Dropbox is a great Android to cloud backup app. It lets you backup Android photos, documents, and more to cloud storage. Then, use the dekstop Dropbox or website to transfer the backup file to your computer.

    Download Dropbox from Google Play>>

    backup android

    Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

    No, I trusted MobileGo :(
    No, I trusted MobileGo :(
    Thomas Jones
    Sorry for that. Did you back up your calendars on your Samsung with other software? If yes, you can restore your Calendars with that software.
    I reinstalled my Samsung and then restored my data with MobileGo. The restore whiped my calendar empty and my phone synced with Google Calendar and cleaned it out, because all entries was now gone.
    Thomas Jones
    Did you have synced calendar to your Gmail? If yes, you can get your calendars back from Gmail account.
    After a recovery my calendar is EMPTY!!! :( Can't restore it and years of entries is gone!!! All calendars are open in S Calendar in Samsung Galaxy S4.
    Thomas Jones
    Adam, you can use this desktop MobileGo for Android to restore contacts, SMS, video, photos, music, apps, call logs, calendars and playlists info as long as you backed them up with MobileGo for Android before. As for calendars, you can sync them to your Google account. When you restore your S4, you can get them back from Google account. Besides, yes, of course, you need to install MobileGo app on your Galaxy S4.( it will be automatically installed when you run the desktop MobileGo for Android and your S4 is connected via USB cable.
    Good morning, If I do a factory reset on my Samsung Galaxy S4 will I then be able to restore my full backup using Wondershare MobileGo Android? Do I need to install the app first on my Galaxy S4 after I've completed the factory reset or is that irrelevant? Thank you for you help in this matter as I'm a little apprehensive to wiping out my phone completely without knowing everything I need to know in order to restore it.
    Thomas Jones
    On the left column, click Contacts(not a category under Contacts), all contacts on your phone and mail will be shown there.
    Joao Marques
    Hello I ttried this app and i successfully exported to backup and restored from PC to android device, except for contacts. Any help please (it just shows mail contacts, not any mobile numbers).
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